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Fresh start: making exotic smoothies with Dafne Schippers
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Fresh start: making exotic smoothies with Dafne Schippers

A new year means New Year's resolutions, new opportunities and a fresh start. To begin the new year right, we're making smoothies with top athlete Dafne Schippers. A good way to get yourself back in balance after the holidays!

Here you can see Dafne and her sister Sanne making a delicious smoothie with mango, pitahaya and papaya. Especially yummy just as it is, but you could make it a little creamier by adding quark or yoghurt.

Dafne's tip

Smoothies including a dairy product are just the thing when you want to give both yourself and your muscles a treat after a training session: they're fresh, thirst-quenching and ready in minutes.

Two pieces of fruit a day

Smoothies are not only easy to make - they're also simply delicious. For a new and tasty twist, why not include exotic fruits and veggies in your smoothie? This makes it a snap to get in your two pieces of fruit a day. You might even want to add some extra veggies: a great (and inconspicuous) way of including more healthy vitamins and fibre in your diet.

Exotic smoothies

Smoothies make a wonderful replacement or addition to your breakfast routine but are also a great between-meal snack. To give you plenty to choose from, here are some more delightful exotic variations!

Pomegranate smoothie with cream cheese and lime

The cream cheese makes this smoothie low-fat and the pomegranate seeds create a flavour explosion. It’s also very healthy, nutrient-rich and full of fibre, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Avocado smoothie with coconut water

Enjoy this creamy smoothie, with avocado, bananas and coconut water, with no dairy. Delicious with breakfast or lunch.

Pomelo smoothie with banana, cinnamon and honey

This smoothie recipe combines fresh pomelo with buttermilk, banana, honey and cinnamon. the result is a great creamy smoothie with a very special flavor!

Lime smoothie with avocado and banana

Enjoy this wonderfully refreshing smoothie with lime, avocado, banana, and Greek yogurt. Quick and easy to make!

Fig smoothie with coconut

A healthy smoothie with fresh figs and bananas, topped with coconut and chia seeds.

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