Butternut squash soup

with coconut milk & avocado> view the recipe

Crispy sweet potatoes

with a fresh dip> view the recipe

Kumquat salad

with avocado and sesame> view the recipe
Barbecued chicken skewers Barbecued chicken skewers

Barbecued chicken skewers

with papaya

Wonderfully exotic from the barbecue! The papaya makes these skewers freshly sweet, and the ketjap gives them an Asian touch.
Grilled papaya Grilled papaya

Grilled papaya

stuffed with yogurt & fruit

Add the finishing touches to your barbecue party with this delicious, healthy dessert. You can stuff the papaya with whatever you or your guests prefer best.
Sweet fluffy omelette Sweet fluffy omelette

Sweet fluffy omelette

with papaya and flaked almonds

This sweet fluffy omelette created by Dutch TV chef Mathijs Vrieze is a real feast, with its tasty decoration of sweet ripe papaya, flaked...
Chicken curry with papaya Chicken curry with papaya

Chicken curry with papaya

The tender chicken thigh with curry, coconut milk and vegetables is delicious. If you add a juicy sweet papaya, a unique taste experience is created.
Ginger pancakes Ginger pancakes

Ginger pancakes

with papaya compote

Mathijs makes these pancakes based on yoghurt and fresh ginger. The combination with papaya compote is delicious and they are done very quickly.
Dafne's roasted papaya Dafne's roasted papaya

Dafne's roasted papaya

with coconut ice cream

Dafne likes a tasty dessert, but she also likes to keep it healthy. Everyone is impressed by this roasted papaya with coconut ice cream! Little...
Sorbet Sorbet


with papaya

This sorbet is very easy to make and is truly delicious!
Exotic smoothie bowl Exotic smoothie bowl

Exotic smoothie bowl

by Dafne Likes

Start your morning off on the right foot with this flavourful recipe from Dafne Likes: Exotic smoothie bowl with mango, pitahaya, and granola.

Crème de Papaya

of farmer Rodrigo from Brazil

Our farmer Rodrigo introduced us to Crème de Papaya: a very popular and traditional Brazilian dessert. This dessert is found on every menu in Brazil. Besides being very quick and easy to make, it's indescribably delicious. Rodrigo: 'We always serve it when we have a party.'

Smoothie bowl

with papaya and mango

Smoothie bowls are a hit on Instagram. Sanne made a sumptuous smoothie bowl for Dafne with Brazilian papaya and mango. Isn’t it beautiful? And incredibly tasty too!

Parfait with papaya,

Greek yogurt and granola

Greek yogurt, honey, granola, and fresh papaya come together to create a delicious, healthy treat. Perfect for a light breakfast or dessert, whenever you want!

Grilled salmon fillet

with papaya mango sauce

Salmon is good any time, off the grill pan or from the barbecue. Serve this salmon with a delicious papaya mango salsa. Taste the spring and a smidgen of summer!

Tropical tarts

with mango, pitahaya and papaya

These mini pies are filled with vanilla cream and delicious pieces of mango, papaya and pitahaya. A tropical treat for any occasion!

Papaya pie

with coconut filling

This lovely papaya pie with coconut filling tastes just as spectacular as it looks. You’ll be serving your guests a unique surprise with this tropical treat!